Type of project: Special collaboration for Milan Design Week 2024

Brand partner: My Best

Location: Milan, Italy

Timing: 2024

Services: Creative direction, design development, graphic design

Credits: Images by De.Visual – a brand of De.Tales

Description: Aerodynamic lines, contemporary design. For Milan Design Week 2024 De.Tales, under the guidance of Design Director Igor Rebosio, envisions a new inhabited space, and in collaboration with My Best, the Italian company specialized in the production of custom luxury furnishings and environments, creates A∃RO, the system composed of sofa, ottoman, and coffee table that redefines the shapes of the living room in an interplay of lines that seem to be drawn by the wind.
A set that explores and reinterprets in a very contemporary way the aesthetic parameters and structural elements of the “American 1950s” modern design icons: the flexibility of materials and modularity are key elements of A∃RO, whose lines bend through space, without rigidly and imposingly “occupying” it. Its forms are fluid, modulated to accommodate, thanks also to the ample seating volumes.

The choice of materials, rigid yet soft and flexible at the same time, such as wood and metal skillfully bent for the structure, the veins that follow the curves of the furnishings, and suede leather for the upholstery, combine structural capabilities with the aesthetic needs of the system, which aims to define itself as light and ethereal even in its important and sculptural dimensions.

Intended for large and exclusive common areas of hotels and business lounges, as well as for high-profile residential spaces, the A∃RO set reflects the soul and design that De.Tales expresses in its architectural and interior projects, and embraces the concept of My Best which emphasizes attention to detail and Made in Italy production in its maximum expression of exclusivity.

“We don’t design to occupy space but to create new ones” (Igor Rebosio, Founder Architect & Design Director – De.Tales)